Buying Warmbloods from Europe Made Easy

This is not about "business as usual".. my services can get you in the saddle of the German Warmblood you always wanted. For a few years now I have been taking a few selected Professionals and Amateurs to Germany to choose the horse of their dreams from a large selection of Jumpers, Hunters, Equitation horses as well as Dressage horses, young stallion prospects and ponies, starting with the young talented prospect  to the finished Grand Prix horse.

Services Include but not limited to:

  • Translation

  • Reservations

  • Negotiations

  • Travel guide

  • Videotaping

Through my ability to communicate fluently in German and my connections with trusted breeders and sale barns I can tailor our journey to your specific wishes and needs.

My services include travel arrangements from anywhere in the United States or Canada for as many days as you'd like, rental car and hotel reservation, driving in Germany, translating everything for you including restaurant menus, arranging the vetting when you have picked your horse(s) and shipping of the horse(s) to the US, videotaping you and German professionals riding the horses of your choice so you can view all in a private setting before you make your final selection.

If you rather not travel I can show you a selection of horses offered by my many connections in Europe from here in the United states and provide you with video material to make your selection at the best possible prices. 

All clients are aware that buying sight unseen may contain certain risks as all sales are final.

Amateurs and Professionals are welcome.

Please contact me with any questions or requests you may have.

And remember: all you need is a valid passport, I will take care of the rest!