Germanshowhorses LLC, its agents and affiliates are not responsible for the accuracy of information obtained from and provided by the sellers or seller's agents of horses or ponies contained within this website, Facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram or any paid or unpaid ad.

Germanshowhorses LLC's efforts to confirm sellers or seller's agents information does not replace due diligence on behalf of the buyer. All information provided by Germanshowhorses LLC via telephone, fax, email, text and other methods of communication is provided to Germanshowhorses LLC by the sellers or seller's agents and is accurate to the best of Germanshowhorses LLC's knowledge, although its accuracy may not have been confirmed or certified by documentation.

The buyer bears sole responsibility for their choice of horse(s) and is not influenced by Germanshowhorses LLC in any way in their decision to purchase or not to purchase any animal. All buyers are aware, since horses are living creatures, that transport to the USA or Canada (due to the stress of flying and a new environment)  may trigger injuries, unusual behavior or previously unknown allergies.  No warranties or guarantees are given - ALL horses and ponies are SOLD AS IS.

All transactions are final, and no refunds can be issued - the buyer bears sole responsibility on his or her purchase. This includes a paid hold or a down payment unless other previous arrangements have been made in writing, and there are no warranties or guarantees. Legal state/country of sale is Germany or country of origin, and any disputes shall be interpreted under the laws of that country.  Germanshowhorses LLC will not be able to get involved in any buyer-seller disputes which must be resolved between the two parties.

Past performance according to any horse's show record is never a guarantee of future performance.

While Germanshowhorses LLC prides itself on great service in a timely manner, there are certain instances that cannot be foreseen and are beyond our control, including, but not limited to, a change in flight schedule due to weather, a delay in blood processing at quarantine, a sick horse in quarantine or a delay of unknown origin in Europe.

While helping with scheduling transport within Europe and to the USA or Canada and helping to choose a carrier certainly can be included in the services provided, the buyer or buyer's agent must be the one actually booking the transport unless other arrangements have been made in writing. Any further transport after (regularly scheduled) quarantine release to the final destination is the buyer's responsibility.

Air freight must be paid before the horse is released from quarantine and is the responsibility of the buyer or the buyer's agent/trainer who made the arrangements in their name.

This Disclaimer also applies for purchases made without contract